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Effe is a multidisciplinary creative born in Alentejo, Portugal. With a background in Graphic and Digital Design, he has been focusing in the last year on projects in the areas of Street Art and Illustration. EFFE has already worked with clients such as GAU and the newspaper PÚBLICO. He had the opportunity to participate in exhibitions in cities like Lisbon or Tel Aviv and collaborate with artists from several countries, such as Northern Ireland and New Zealand. Addressing different subjects, in the projects in which he participates, EFFE tries to represent the interaction between human beings and the environment that surrounds us with strong lines and colors to create contrast.


Our artists’ place. Consecrated, emerging and unlikely. National and international. Talents from the most diverse quarters that exhibit their art here: They are mainly illustrators, street artists and designers, but also architects, photographers, musicians, writers and even chefs.

Poster Mostra

POSTER is a public art and word exhibition which takes place on the street.

Words, photography, illustration and mixed media take on the poster format as their medium.

An open-air public gallery.

It arises as a tribute to one of the most powerful media ever. This was the first medium in which art and advertising came together in symbiosis.

Used to sell everything from soaps to ideals, posters have changed the world. And with it, they have changed the way the world communicates. They’ve created wars, heroes and the possibility of anyone decorating their walls with a piece of history.

A history of which Lisbon will now be a part.


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