POSTER 2020 Line-Up - POSTER

27 May POSTER 2020 Line-Up

Afonso Sereno (Photographer), Ailton Neto (Artist), Alberto Garcia-Alix (Photographer), Alex Paganelli (Photographer), André Letria (Illustrator), Bruno Saavedra (Photographer), Carlo Duina (Illustrator), Carol from Lisbon (Illustrator and Designer), Catarina Santos (Designer), Cláudia Lucas (Illustrator and Designer), Collective Suicide (Collective), Franja (Collective), Hélder Pina (Designer), Helena Hauss (Artist), Hugo Moxxo (Photographer), Inês Lopes Gonçalves (TV Host), Javier Mariscal (Illustrator), Joana Lopes (Designer), Joana Ramalho (Artist), Jorge Vieira (Artist), Ljubomir Stanisic (Chef), Luis Mileu (Photographer), Maria Imaginário (Artist), Paulo Romão Brás (Artist), Primoz Lukezic (Photographer), Rafaela Alves (Photographer), Rita Redshoes (Musician), Seamus Murphy (Photographer), Teresa Murta (Artist) e Vanessa Teodoro (Artist) are the names of POSTER’s fitth edition.

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